The 14-storey office building of Emajõe Ärikeskus that has been talked about in Tartu due to its novelty for years was completed in summer 1998 pursuant to the design of Kalle Rõõmus Architects Bureau. Today, the office building of Emajõe Ärikeskus, which thank to its resemblance to flask is called Plasku by the people, is the symbol of the city of Tartu. There are beautiful panoramic views of the city of Tartu from the 13th floor where there is a sauna with a pool. The Plasku’s sauna can be reserved at the Dorpat Hotel.

With the opening of the Tasku centre in summer 2008, exactly 10 years after the completion of Plasku, the ESTIKO’s real estate development project in the centre of Tartu was completed. In the neighbourhood of Emajõe Ärikeskus, Tartu Bus Station was opened in 2004, Dorpat Hotel, Dorpat SPA and Dorpat Restaurant were opened in 2007, and the Tasku fashion and leisure centre and Dorpat Convention Centre completed in the last phase, together creating a synergious business quarter with the buildings and services complex in the centre of Tartu.